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  • How do I register my school?
    Schools can participate by clicking the Register Now button on the home page. If your district has questions related to the Inventory before you register, click on the Contact Us button above and let us know what questions you have. Warren County Connect will follow-up to ensure your questions are answered.
  • Is the Inventory valid and reliable?
    All of the questions included on the Inventory tool have been vetted by the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and are determined to be reliable questions. The WCC youth Well-being Inventory was submitted to the CDC for approval to collect core measure related to youth substance abuse. The CDC approved the data collection tool in February 2021.
  • Who will see my school's data?
    All data collected through the Inventory will be securely stored at the Warren County Health Department and protected by the same policies and procedures used to protect other sensitive health data. Only your designated district representative will be able to access your district level data. No district level data will be released to the community. The only data that will be released publicly will be county level, aggregated data.
  • Can my district add customized questions to the Inventory?
    Schools can add up to five questions that that are customized specifically for their district. The district will identify what they want to know and work with WCC to craft questions designed to gather the desired information.
  • What is the cost of the Inventory?
    The Inventory is offered at no cost to the school district. Costs are covered by the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Warren and Clinton Counties and the Violence Free Coalition of Warren County with support from the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.
  • Are individual students tracked over time to monitor behavior change?
    All completed inventories are anonymous. Individual students cannot be identified. No individual student can be tracked over time to monitor behavior.
  • Can my district opt out of questions?
    Districts can opt out of up to five questions that they may be uncomfortable asking. Additionally, districts may add up to five questions to gather data not collected through the questions currently on the Inventory.
  • How can I use the data gathered from the Inventory?
    There are many benefits to participating in the Inventory. School districts can use the data to: To better understand risk and protective factors that support or threaten student success To inform school policies To select prevention programs or curricula To collaborate with community prevention efforts To succeed in grant-seeking To report required data to the Department of Education
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