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What is Warren County Connect?

Warren County Connect is a collective impact initiative that convenes prevention service providers and other stakeholders across the county to build a coordinated prevention system to achieve youth well-being for all youth in Warren County. Stakeholders represent violence prevention, suicide prevention, substance abuse prevention, physical and mental health-promotion and other organizations working to prevent youth risk behavior and promote positive youth development. 


This collective group works to reduce risk factors and improve protective factors that transcend individual systems and organizations, by aligning resources, programs, policies, and practices across organizations to improve efficiency and efficacy in achieving well-being outcomes for youth in our county.   These outcomes include:

  • Reduced youth substance abuse

  • Reduced youth violence

  • Improved youth mental health

  • Improved physical health

  • Improved secondary and post-secondary outcomes

  • Increased resiliency

  • Increased connection between youth and adults in the community


Achieving youth well-being is more complex than any single agency or organization can achieve alone.  Warren County Connect partners agree to align their individual resources to create a comprehensive prevention system through:

  • Building a unified vision for prevention in Warren County

  • Aligning prevention programs, policies and practices across issues and systems through shared planning and implementation to achieve the shared vision

  • Improved monitoring of youth well-being trends and tracking cross-system outcomes by sharing data across partners

  • Creating a single county-wide youth well-being survey to reduce duplication in data collection and minimize the burden of data collection in the schools

  • Leveraging new and emerging funding opportunities across partners

  • Working together to scale or innovate prevention strategies to fill service gap

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