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Why the WCC Youth Well-Being Inventory developed?

Similar to the PRIDE survey, the WCYWI has 112 questions and will take 30 minutes to complete.  The difference is that on the PRIDE survey, 75% of the questions are collecting substance abuse data, leaving only 25% of the questions to collect other data like social determinants of health, trauma impact, community factors influencing MEB health, Social Emotional Learning and very important data that helps us understand what protects kids from engaging in risk behaviors.  The WCYWI asks the questions about substance abuse, but, distributes the question more equitably to gather data on other important wellbeing indicators including:

  • Prevalence rates for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

  • Perception of peer and parent disapproval

  • Risk and protective factors

  • Mental and emotional health

  • Physical health

  • Sexual health

  • Body image

  • Other risk behaviors including gambling, safe driving, safe dating and relationships

  • Healthy eating

  • Social determinants of health and access

  • School connectedness

  • Community factors impacting MEB

  • Trauma

  • Social Emotional Health

  • School climate

  • And others

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